Thursday, November 15, 2007

T-bone Turns One!

Hey what's that?

That's so...

Can I touch it?

Ooooh I like this cake thing!

It's cake!
On a lighter note, our little timo celebrated his 1st on Wednesday instead of Thursday (Mikko had a class)...

Imagine Finnsih mommies and other parents coming in with presents (eventhough I requested them not too...great folks!).

Kids crying, new neighbors being introduced, kids puking on the floor from choking on carrots, kids taking turns in the bathroom using the toilet all in front of each other, you name it, it was a hoot!

I made the famous La Leche League Carrot Cake. The boy's Elli Mummi prepared coffee and took pictures. Anneli Mummi helped feed Timo and Ukki talked to others (perhaps trying to make another real estate deal!). Tuija Tati had fun chatting with others. Mikko got to know a new couple that lives near us. It was nice...I thought anyway.


Sara said...

I LOVE carrot´s my favourite cake !!!

Too bad I missed out on it all...puking and stuffs..hahah

SWEET pictures !!

Grace Margain said...

Tell Timothy I said Happy Birthday.