Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Baking in Finland

Being that we are getting new teamates this fall and knowing that Heather is leaving her own dessert business behind in the states. Here is what you might want to stock up on:

Vanilla Extract:
you want the real stuff? Sorry but they only sell small tiny bottles of imitaiton flavor and what they call vanilla sugar. I had my bro go to Mexico and mail a huge bottle from the states.
Corn Syryp:
They have syryp, but all it says it syryp. hmmm...not sure what kind.
Chocalate Chips:
Go to Cosco and stock up. When I am out, I go to a discount candy store and stock up on bars of semi-sweet chocalate or dark chocalate...but ya gotta cut it up.
Marshmellows or cream version:
Marshmellows are here, but for some reason taste different when you roast them over an open fire.

Other foods for baking that Heidi likes but can't find or are too expensive:
Canned Green Chillies
Corn Meal
I am sure there is more but kids gotta eat breakfast now!

There is a store in Helsinki and it is way pricey. You find all your American/English/Ausie foods here for a tremendous price. Things like namebrand barbeque sauce, cake mixes and frostings, veggie mite, root beer, candy, etc.


Heather Paul said...

AWESOME information!! This will be so helpful. I've been wondering what Finland has or doesn't have. Can I ask about a couple other things...powdered sugar, cream cheese?

Battle Maiden said...

Cream Cheese-yes-expensive, but yes. I found something similar and slighter cheaper and works just as well.
Powdered Sugar: yes about 16 ounce boxes sold in most shops. Sugar is everywhere here. Sugar for jam, rock sugar for sprinkling on top of pastries.
Brown sugar too-just darker and in small packages.
If you know someone in the food/dining business distributors sell it in bulk. I knew of an American who called a distributor and purchased powdered sugar in bulk for her famous frosting.