Sunday, October 12, 2008

This blog is brought to you by some cheap snack company from Europe. This one is for you Cathy! Seriously, balancing life with 3 small wee-ones has challenged every area of my life physically, emotionally and spiritually.
Now that Mikko is away playing floor ball somewhere, and children all tucked in their beds, I can check in with ya'll! I must be totally clueless that we are having a recession here. But now that I am well informed after someone talking about it. I am now determined to invest in American and Finnish products when it comes to buying our daily needs.
I am learning that ministry does not have to be in some neat package or program. My family IS ministry. The random times in the play yard is ministry. Spending wonderful time with a family in Vehniä is ministry! By the way Elina, it was great hanging out this weekend! That town is certainly small and sometimes, for example, even my personal problems were everyones business! (I had a near breast infection...oh the jokes they made!).
What else? Well, I feel quite dry spiritually and am learning how to feed from God's word creatively. Probably should sign out and go to bed so I can rise early, just wanted to check in!

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Elina said...

Heeeyy, it was great to hang out with you to! We must do that again sometime, love you all! :)