Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Naked, Mixed Sauna and Ooops!

My husband, an amazing man, took it upon himself to send me to a spa. Ok, so he kicked me out, due to my stuburness of liking to stay at home. It was planned that I meet up with another lovely lady from the international church and head by train to a day spa!

After crying my head off  and giving instructions on how to feed Priscilla Mikko tells me, "Just go, have fun. Bye." Don't worry, I got over it and happly met up with my friend to our destination! 

Since I am tired, I'll have to keep this short. Basically we ate and talked well. I even slept in...yes it was possible. God was gracious to me. I also had a breast infection, fourth one that is and left with medication. I am better thank you, but that is not all.

No, it doesn't end there. My friend and I decided to go to the swimming area. At first, we thought we were so smart going on a weekday. Nevertheless, the locals come with their children after school/work. Bummer...

Anyway, we go on the slides, and various pools and back and forth to the saunas. Naked in the sauna that is. First, we proceeded to the sauna which is women only. Then my friend notices a nice steam sauna. Being that my contacts were damaged to my dismay I walked in with my glasses. She holds my hand because without glasses, I can't see and with glasses, I can't see! She sits down and guides me to my seat. At first I want to sit on her right but with a nervous, "Nooo, over here." I follow her to her left side. I can finally make out where I am and notice a rope in the middle of the sauna room. "Hmm...that's funny, is this a mixed sauna?" I really said it jokingly. My friend then says, "Umm...yes I think it is" realizing her mistake. 

I slightly turn my head to the right and see a man's harry legs spread wide open next to her. To help our discomfort I tell her let's leave fast! We grab our butt sheets and cover our booties. Like that helped. Afterwards I read the sign in English and it says clearly:

For Both Men and Women

Lord forgive us for not paying attention! Here's your sign...


Whittaker Woman said...

Heidi... that is awesome! Nothing like sending your wife away and she gets naked with other men! Hehe! H

Anonymous said...

That is really funny! They don't have those in So Cal ... in fact, at the day spa I go to the entrance for men and women are separated by a long counter and an attendant (just in case you start in the wrong direction).
Do you like Bill Engvall, the country comedian? You should also check out Jeff Dunham, he's a really good ventriloquist.

TitansFan said...

That's a pretty good one! I'm sure the lesson was learned. I have found myself in precarious positions due to lack of sight. I lost a contact in my Infared Sauna this past winter and forgot about it. I had a friend come over a month or 2 later to use the sauna. I was watching TV and he came to me and said "Is this your contact?" Uh, what? He said I thought it was a piece of a potato chip and I put it in my mouth. I guess when he put it in his mouth the saliva softened it up enough to go back to the original shape. How weird!

Anonymous said...

Too funny. I am still laughing!

tesberi said...


Finland keeps you on your toes!