Thursday, December 31, 2009

Four People Shot and Killed in one of our Neighborhood Markets

Four people were shot in a Mall that we go to often. It was in Prisma, a large grocery store. I am ever grateful to all the family members and neighbors who called and asked where we were. We were safe at home, it could have been us. It was a jealous man after a woman who worked there. Please pray for the families of those dead and the man who is at this moment loose somewhere in Finland. A neighbor said police were walking around our building with serious guns. She was certain they were just covering the ground in search of the man. Mikko is out and about with bibles, and tracts, to see if he can talk with someone. I have been feeling heavy in my heart lately concerning my lost friends, I will post later, meanwhile here is one link to the story and I am sure there are several other links...Don't worry about us, faithfully pray that the Good News of Christ would go forth!

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FeltFinland said...

Glad to hear you are safe - we were in Iso Omena shopping centre at the time. As you say it could so easily have been us.
On a more positive note we wish you all a very Happy new year!