Monday, January 30, 2012

Curtains Please...

I am not sure what I was thinking. Few weekends ago I made a trip with our two youngest to meet up with my mother-in-law and her sister at a well known fabric store in here in Finland. I knew exactly what I wanted. I figured the last time the same shop did my curtains was not that high in cost. I mean my friends in Asia and Africa get their sewing services done for practically nothing.

Apparently not in Finland.

Well, blonde here went straight up to the lady and showed her all the details. I had measurements, pictures in magazines, and saw exactly what I wanted displayed up on the wall. She could tell I was serious. So there my mother-in-law was patiently helping me explain what I wanted. We were there like an hour when I realized I needed to nurse. So there I was nursing and the lady at the shop even drew a picture to make sure it was what I wanted.

She then explained that she needed to calculate the measurements and cost of service. Meanwhile I looked around while I was trying to imagine them not being too expensive.


After she was done she gathered us around and explained the cost of each item. She explained the first sheet and already then I was about to pass-out. I could feel disappointment and and sour feeling in my tummy....

There was a second sheet. Not realizing it, I said, "Oh, My Go..." Mouth wide open with a look of naivety I'm certain. My mother-in-law could see the look in my face, so she calmly asked the lady questions for clarity and said, "So what is the cost without the service?".

I should know better. I have a sewing machine. I don't sew well, so I figured someone else could do it! (That and I have four children and a hubs to care for).

Ready for the cost?

791.62 Euros

No lie. That is like $1,000. Yes. Goofy here was dreaming. It is nearly half of that price if I want to do it on my own. Hah!

It is now a joke around here. I mean that is like our rent. A plane ticket to California. A brand new stroller. Several wells for 3rd world countries. You name it.

Guess I better start practicing my sewing skills!

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