Saturday, August 18, 2012

Endless Summer Ends

Summer was rather incredible. I cannot complain about it actually. We planned time to tour Finland but really didn't know where to go. We ended up in North Eastern Finland. We did a random trip to above Sotkamo to meet up with our newlywed friends. Grilled nearly everyday and listened to Mikko reminisce while we visited Kuopio, Sotkamo and Eno. Ran my annual 18k run from a little village to Eno in 1 hour and 47 minutes! Was quite entertained by watching our Romanian friend disagree with Mikko about the new porch they were building for the little farm house. Watched many nights, the last end of the World Cup (Our oldest son totally routed for Spain the whole time!).
After the tour de Finland we made our way to Greece. Smelling the morning air there reminded me of my childhood home (minus the horse manure). Before and after I have had a variety of Greek salads.
Meeting friends who I have not seen in awhile or even years! Celebrating my father-in-law's wife's 60th birthday. She asked that money be given to the children's clinic in Helsinki. What a great idea! That really inspired me to do something similar for my next birthday.
As of this week school has started for the boys. I am excited about their excitement and they really do love their teachers. So back to planning the fall full of date nights, family time, ministry and miscellaneous adventure.

Let's not forget all the special events I missed back home: parent's anniversary, grandparent's birthdays, Mother's birthday, father's day, and my brother's and nephew's birthday. Hope it was Great!

What did you do this summer?

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