Sunday, February 23, 2014

Top 6 Healthy Habbits (Couldn't think of 10...)

Thanks to Cathy, from Holy Temple Under Renovation, for the question! Here are my top 10, but just for health. The following listed items are tested and proved, (and I could probably get back to following my own list, oops, tee-hee).

1. Rest: Something I need to learn more of from my hubs. He works hard and rests. He does not seem to over do it, nor is he lazy. I have had to learn over the years not to put too much on my plate. Before hubsters enters the door, the last bit house chores is scored away (not always, but it is kept in mind).

2. Vitamins: I make sure the kids and hubs down their multis and vitamin D. I have two colleagues who live in northern europe, did not take sufficient Vit D and suffered from it. Winter is the worse. I also use Buckthorn juice (Tyrni Mehu) and Strath (Herb Syryp) for on the edge illness.

3. Exercise: My drug of choice. However, when you pull your achilles tendon, it becomes a bit more challenging. Exercise releases the powerful chemicals known as endorphins. It is a feel good drug, no wonder. Now that I can stand on both feet I can now pull out my hula hoop and hula away (watch for by standers. Oops.) And don't forget your kegels (Male and Female). This is an overlooked muscle that controls the your muscles to pee. A sphincter says what? LOL Start now!

4. Protein: I try to implement good amounts of protein to my diet. 60-100 grams a day. Ranges from cottage cheese, quark, legumes, nuts,  eggs, to lean meats and whey protein. I prefer organic and non-gmo if I can get it, but am not always able to. I just feel sharper when I get the protein I need.

5. Nettle-Raspberry Leaf: When summer arrives, we make our way to  the country side where I pick nettle and  fresh leaves from Raspberry bushes. I make a large batch of tea and then pour it in a large pitcher to put in the fridge to chill. It is really nice and refreshing year round. Good for female parts and nice when you need a little extra iron.

6. Sex: I am talking to married like-minded folks...with the one man you married ladies. I may be stepping on toes and touching one of the most sensitive issues that many couples are embarrassed to talk about, but studies show that healthy couples have sex often and frequently. I admit I have had my tired days and just don't want to think about it (which is usually when he asks me for a little fun, of coarse). If this is important to your man, then I say make room and get rid of those distractions (whatever that may be).  If you have young kids, set up routines to go to bed early. I have several friends who put a locks on their doors for privacy. Whatever. If this is a difficult subject between you two allow me to suggest some Biblical counseling and ask for help if at all possible. Seek help, God is faithful to answer. Sex is important to Him too. He created it. :)

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