Thursday, April 10, 2014

Dear Heidi {Part II}

Dear Heidi

Hearing: I completed watching  Francis Schaeffer´s "How should we then live?" -a video series about art, culture and philosphy with my husband. It's awesome. I think he is my favourite theologian now. As artists we have been learning a lot. Also as a mom, I got excited how we can explore cultures with the kids and see path ways that show the Bible's accuracy, our need for a savior and how this all honours our Creator.

Seeing: Our youngest is one year old. He has been walking since he was 10 months like all the guys in my side of the family. He doesn't talk but makes noises that really sound like he was speaking. I see that he is not a baby anymore. I'm proud of him! But I think im getting a baby fever again...

Smelling: I have gotten used to the  smell fresh air. It's prohibited to take cars to our tiny island unless it's there for work use.

Feeling: You talked about the body of Christ, the big family where we have been adopted. I miss you! This place has no kind of church. Oh, there are phones, Skype and facebook, but I like best chatting over a table with a tea mug.
 I have already been used to not attending Sunday services and small groups, and that's scary.
 I came up with a theory: tell me as an American if you see it. It's about the body of Christ in Finland:
Finnish families seems to have normally a mom, dad and few children. Everybody else (grandmoms, dads, uncles, aunts) are called relatives. Relatives keep "respecting" distance and everybody minds their own things. Helping and advising comes along but only when asked. Finnish family is small and really independent compared to how it is in some other nations.  
Have you noticed us Finns behaving the same way in our churches? We tend to keep distances, dont we? When something has happened, I tend to think that I dont want to intrude on their business, or I'd wish and pray that someone inside this family will sort it out.

Sharing our lives with followers helps us to be accountable, enjoy living and avoid sinning. You have shown me as an example and I have seen fruit that it grows. From your insipiration I would recommend myself and every couple to learn to be accountable to each other. There is no darkness in the light. Sin likes to grow in the shadows.
 Thank you for being an example. Wouldn't be possible if we too, would have "respected" each others space and not been involved in each others lives.

How wonderful that you included here "Anything embarrassing happen lately?" section...  
You didn't warn me about it. I have lived here for half a year now and keep messing with the names and faces. Just the other day we watched a movie and for all that time I thought that the actor in it was Heath Ledger, but apparently it was James Franco. This was not embarresing , just showing how badly my memory can be. 
I just put a sink in our front yard. (But I'm putting flowers on it, so no reason to worry about my taste about decorating.)
I could show how I managed to move to a 20 square meters smaller home that doesn't have as many 
storage room spaces.

Greetings from an island far far away!

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