Sunday, October 5, 2014

From Teacher to Parent

Dear well neglected blog, 

I seem to have fallen off the blog wagon AGAIN. Understandably, this fall took me for a loop. Throw in confusion, adjustments, stress, but all in all at the end of the day it rests in the hands of the Lord. What would I do without HIM? Now that I am a mother and not paid teacher, I see how sometimes unfair I was of my expectation from parents. Oh, how humbling that is! 

¨Why are they late!?¨
¨Why did they forget their homework!?¨
¨Why are they in hobbies!?¨

Now the pendulum has swung and hit me smack in the face. BONG! Here I am making sure children are on time to school, checking their homework and enjoying them enjoying their hobbies! The teachers are overly gracious and I am trying as I may to organize their little lives so we can all have order and peace. 

Trust me, we do set up routine in the afternoon:


However with good intentions sometimes life does not go like this and that. So thank you teachers for putting up with us for not reading WILMA every evening.  {WILMA is the communication site for schools}. I think at the end of the day it is the last thing I think to check. I understand most of the Finnish, but when you have not read it in awhile and you are exhausted from the day it looks like someone wrote a novel in Finnish and I am like,  ¨Heh???¨ 

However, The text messages to remind me to check WILMA are actually really helpful. I am also grateful to my husband who regularly checks it too. Environmentally, it saves from wasting lost unknown papers that may not have made it to their backpacks. ;)

Now that the schedule is pretty set, I can focus a little bit better. Until like my zucchini! (Fresh from our garden hiding from an army of snails).

By His Grace, Heidi

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