Saturday, November 8, 2014

Hyvää Isän Päivää! {Finnish Father's Day}

Hyvä Isä

Before our own children, you were nervous to hold a child,
But now go on all fours with them so mild.

You care so greatly for their needs,
 how much more for what their heart feeds.

You're a gifted leader to show the way,
from practical know-how to the Lord's commands and what they say.

You show them how to love me, your wife,
with love and respect all of your life.

When you fail you confess to family members all,
Your need for Christ from sinful fall.

You do not show off to those around you,
but have a child-like mind to play too.

With gratefulness to our Heavenly Father I pray,
that he gifted our children with a godly earthly man today.

Not perfect, nor God, but humbled in test,
given great mercy through the work of Jesus, that's the best!

And because of this love, you spill it to others, children beside,
with no daddy or setä to be with and bide.

To which we all thank you for being daddy and setä,
Happy Finnish Father's Day and Hyvää Isän Päivää!

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