Friday, February 6, 2015

Maisonet: Teetä, Sisustus js Lahjatavarat {Teas, Decor, and Gifts}

Every other week I am blessed to go do something on my own or with partapoika {beard-boy}. Sometimes I plan my night out and other times I am rushed with last minute decisions. I call my man who is on his way by bus to meet me at the station and at the same time calling my friend about a shop near Tuomiokirkko in Helsinki.
Light wet flurry snow falls as it dances against the city lights. I feel like a kid again and smile at the show of snow twirling around us. We are also kind of in a rush so I run up ahead of Mikko to make sure I get there before closing. I find the correct address {Mariankatu 24} and come in from the wet into a dry haven. It feels like home with all the decor and tea around me. I call 'Hallo!' and a tall man appears from a side room and greats with a smile, it's Tapio Korri. I introduce myself and how I got to know about the place. Mikko comes in after with more introductions.
The guys start talking and I start looking at the tea and the beautiful French design and decor about the rooms. The place, MAISONET, a decorating and gift shop with an assortment of Kusmi Tea (High end tea). Apparently, this shop has been blogged about before. Someone once stopped in for they had heard this sort of tea was accessible via blog. The shop is both run by Sirpa and Tapio, they would love to have you! Tervetuloa!
I pick an herbal for Mikko and I. When we are unable to have a date OUT we brew a cup of tea on our date IN. {Yes, it is true. One can date their spouse in the house!}.

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